Where Can We Find The Best Goyard Replicas?

What I can do is to recommend the sites and sellers I think have the best Goyard replicas based on the reviews I’ve received and help you stay away from sites that are not trustworthy or that don’t offer very good quality.

What Are The Best Goyard Replicas Sites?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that my most trusted site for Goyard replica bags is PurseValley.cn and the most trusted seller on AlieExpress is Anita Hao. Still, I’ve had people complaining that even though her bags look good, they are not of high quality. But please take into account they are very affordable too.

PurseValley has a customer reviews section where people sometimes post photos of their products. And since I’ve seen some of the best Goyard replicas there, I took the liberty of using some of their customers’ photos, hope that’s okay:

Goyard St Louis Tote Replica Review

Goyard St Louis Tote Replica Black PurseValley Customer Review

Source: PurseValley

Imitation Goyard St Louis Tote Blue

Imitation Goyard St Louis Tote Blue PurseValley Customer Review

Source: PurseValley

Anita is a nice person who knows how to communicate with her customers and one of my readers told me she even agreed to send pre-shipment photos of the bag she would be getting and have her cancel the order if she was not satisfied with it. A seller’s transparency is always a good thing. I just wish I saw one of her Goyard St Louis replicas in other colors than gray.

For cheaper options you can also try Taobao.com which is like the Chinese eBay but I’ll admit that I’m not comfortable using this site because basically everything is in Chinese. And there’s also cheapgoyardbaguk.net, a site that has changed its domain name a few sites since I first discovered it but that seems safe. Also, it’s good that they sell only Goyard replica bags because they have other designs too, not just the Saint Louis tote. But even so, they don’t have the best Goyard replicas, just the advantage of diversity.

Beware Of Goyard Replica eBay Scam

So how do you know that this Goyard St Louis tote black that is being sold on eBay right now is fake? All you have to do is check the inside stamp. As you can see, the stamp says only “Goyard” when it should actually say “Goyard Paris Made In France”. And if that weren’t enough proof, the font is also wrong. For your information, the bag is being sold for $740.00 and it is definitely a knockoff Goyard tote.

Fake Goyard St Louis Tote Bad Stamp

Fake Goyard Bag on eBay

Please keep in mind that not even a good imitation Goyard St Louis tote will cost over $200. Even though the seller claims the bag is authentic, I really wish nobody would fall for this trap. But all I can do is let you all know about this. I don’t know if the seller knows that the bag is actually a fake but it doesn’t even matter that much. The name of the seller is sevin.us2014. I will do the same thing with other replica designer bags on eBay whenever I get the chance. Each time I come across an eBay who is asking for ridiculous amounts of money for replicas, I will make sure to spread the word and prevent people from getting scammed. So you can call me SuperEva haha!

I already showed you the most important differences between real and fake Goyard handbags in my guide on how to tell a fake Goyard. But this time I want to help those who are looking for the best Goyard replicas. Even though you can find Goyard imitation bags almost anywhere, they are not all worth it. It’s true, a Goyard tote replica is usually quite cheap, at least compared to other designer replica bags, so there is not risk of losing a lot of money. But still, if you really want to pick only the best Goyard replicas out there, make sure you check all the points in this How to spot a fake Goyard tote guide. After all, the same rules apply even if we’re talking about authentic bags or the best Goyard replica handbags.

Imitation Goyard St Louis Totes Black Comparison

The easiest way to learn how to tell a fake Goyard St Louis tote black from a real one is to check the color of the stitching. All the other Goyard colors should feature white stitching except the black one that should have black stitching. Of course, the best Goyard replicas will not be that easy to spot or have this flaw. But I think this Goyard look alike is the perfect example of a bad Goyard replica. And it’s not just the stitching. If you look closely you will notice the material doesn’t have that signature bumpy texture I’ve mentioned about before. This is a dead giveaway when it comes to Goyard knockoff handbags.

Knockoff Goyard Tote Stitching

Black Knockoff Goyard Tote Should Have Black Stitching

Now to make the comparison and you search for the best Goyard replicas easier, here are some pictures of a good Goyard St Louis tote replica, also in black. As you can notice the stitching is black, the Goyard stamp is better even if it’s not perfect. As I’ve said before, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a replica St Louis tote with a perfect stamp or at least very similar to the real. This goes for the best Goyard replicas as well. Even when the material and the stitching look fine, the stamp doesn’t usually have the right font or it’s too deeply embossed. Trust me, the stamp is a dead giveaway for many fake Goyard bags.

Knockoff Goyard Tote Black Stitching

This Black Knockoff Goyard Tote Has The Right Stitching Color

Goyard St Louis Tote Replica Inside Logo

Goyard St Louis Tote Replica – Standard Inside Stamp

But I would really want someone to prove me wrong on this, so if you own a replica Goyard St Louis with a stamp that looks almost like the real deal, please send me some photos!

Who has the best Goyard replicas based on your experience? I’m counting on you!

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