Chanel Spring Summer Bag Collection Preview

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All right, not all the bags here are new (with ‘new’ we mean that it hasn’t been shown on our blog). If you’ve been following our blog, then it’s utterly impossible that you’ve missed the article: ‘Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Runway Bag Collection’. And if you haven’t done so, please… be our guest:

And for those that have watched every single image, I know, I know. I feel the same as you do, my head screamed: ‘Chanel, Where Are The Bags?’


But to be honest, I am also very excited at the same time, because we know that Chanel will ‘never’ (ever) let us down. They are going to drop the bomb, you know, the box with all the beautiful handbags that makes us drool. But they just don’t want to show us, not yet.

So we need to wait.

But anyways, here are a couple previews of what you can expect in the Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Bag Collection.


First of all, the clutch bags with chain. No they are not the boy bricks, nor are they the Lego Clutches, but they are boxy and quite simple in design. Printed with quotes like ‘Ladies First’ or ‘Make Fashion Not War’, they are the exact same clutches that you’ve spotted on the runway.


Now here’s something interesting, a new Chanel Flap Bag, It looks like it has been wrapped around, completely made in white and golden hardware. Hmm, what is your opinion?

Let us know what you think?


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Chanel Cruise Bag Collection Preview 4

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Give me an honest answer. Are you ready?

Is your wallet filled?

And is your credit card reloaded for the shopping spree?

Chanel Cruise 2015 Collection will be released next month. Yes, in November 2014, which means that a lot of new handbags will be in store very soon.

Because of this, we want to introduce you a few accessories that will be available soon. It’s kind-of a teaser and on the other hand, we want you to be well ‘ahead of the trend’.


Some of these items are already covered on our website, like the ‘Chanel Jerry Can Bag’ in transparency or in gold. I am not sure whether this shoulder bag is great as an everyday bag, but at least you’ve got a Chanel that’s not quilted.


Then we bragged about the gorgeous Chanel CC Clutch Bag in gold. CC all over the bag, it’s so-beautiful, and it comes with interwoven chain link. Oh my!

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You know how things go at Chanel – fast. When you start looking at the Spring Summer Collection, the Fall Winter Collection is just around the corner.

And because we’re extremely curious about the next collection, here’s a few preview to tease your bag-obsession.

So what can we expect from the Fall Winter 2016 Collection?


First, it will be all about the ‘Boys’. The Boy Chanel Galuchat Bag will return with even more stunning design. Now you can play Snow White. The Boy Galuchat Bag is crafted in shiny light grey and with white galutchat leather – it’s really like the snow.

Refined with silver hardware, check out the large shiny chain. And the iconic Boy Clasp – is your heart melting yet?


But there are more; the boy will be decorated with different patterns like this one above. It’s actually the small boy bag and Chanel is teasing you how to wear it when you want to free your hands. Just attach the chains to your belt and you will have… a belt bag.

And it’s most beautiful belt bag ever made on earth. Love it.



And if you look for luxury and elegant accessories, consider this mini clutch bag with chain. Decorated with golden lines and little pearls. It’s like a bag for the princess.

Which one is your favorite?












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Chanel Spring Summer Collection Preview

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Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Runway Collection was a big surprise, we were like: ‘where are the bags, where are the bags?’

But it doesn’t mean that Chanel will release limited handbags for the next Spring Summer 2015 Collection, but they just want to keep it secret, for now. And that makes even more curious, what to expect?

One bag that makes us go like: ‘huh?’, was grey cassette recorder with built-in speakers. If you zoom-in the side, you will spot buttons with symbols like: ‘+, -, no sound, AUX’. It’s clutch bag al right, and it’s embellished with a CC charm.

Then they also showed a few more handbags, like a golden squared clutch bag, or clutches with prints like ‘5 x 5 = CC’ or ‘Make Fashion Not War’.


However, we managed to spot a Boy Bag from its back and on this image, we also spotted a Chanel Boy Bag in mixed colors, more like graffiti print. The CC logo is finished with pearls and it’s made with white chains.

So what do you think?







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Preview of the Chanel Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

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Chanel recently held a Press Day to present their Fall/Winter 2016 Collection. The handbags and accessories that were first seen during the runway show were finally seen up-close. Chanel’s iconic Classic Flap Bags comes in a variety of styles including pink tweeds, denim material and a printed fabric which features cats, camellias and peace sign. The Boy Bags are presented in a mix of materials such as leather, shearling and tweed. Black bangles with embellishments and chic vintage style hats are also included in the collection.

Chanel Black Bangles - Fall 2016Chanel Bangles and Sunglasses - Fall 2016

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