How To Tell A Fake Goyard And How To Choose A Great Goyard St Louis Tote Replica

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New week, new guide! This time I’m going to try to show you girls how to tell a fake Goyard from a real one. The fake Goyard St Louis tote has reached a stellar popularity in the past two years and I’ve realized that based on how many of you are trying to find the best Goyard replica.

How To Tell A Fake Goyard St Louis Tote

So either if you are here to learn how to tell a fake Goyard or you are looking for a great Goyard St Louis tote replica, you’ve come to the right place.

The Goyard Saint Louis tote is by far the most popular Goyard bag and it comes in two sizes: PM and GM. For those who are still wondering why this bag is so popular, I think these are its strongest points: it is versatile, lightweight and extremely functional. You can use the Goyard fake St Louis tote as an everyday bag, as a shopping bag, as a traveling bag, as a diaper bag or even as a beach bag.

Kourtney Kardashian Goyard Beach Bag

Kourtney Kardashian using her Goyard St Louis as a beach bag

How To Tell A Fake Goyard – Check The Canvas

Trust me on this, learning how to tell a fake Goyard has become more difficult now than it was before because of a big change Goyard made in 2006. They stopped hand-painting every single dot on their bags and starting using stencils instead to keep up with the large customer demand. Of course, many Goyard customers were not pleased with this at all. And who can blame them? When you buy an authentic Goyard, you expect excellence.

Real Goyard Canvas Texture

Authentic Goyard Canvas Texture Detail

If you look at an older authentic Goyard tote, you will notice that it is quite different from the modern St Louis totes. The Chevron print used to be messy and imperfect and that was actually a good thing because it gave Goyard pieces more character and made them unique. Back then, the easiest way to know how to tell a fake Goyard was to check to see if the pattern was “too perfect”. Obviously, replica manufacturers didn’t hand paint their fake Goyard totes, so the differences between Goyard bags replica and the authentic were easily noticeable.

Goyard fans are still complaining about the print being too perfect, which makes all the Goyard St Louis totes look too much alike. But the real problem was that they also started charging more for their bags even if they stopped hand-painting them, so it was only natural for this question to pop out: are they still worth it?

This huge change was impossible to avoid given the fact that the bag has become so mainstream and there were so many orders coming their way. Using stencils instead was therefore the faster way to make their bags. But the fact that they also increased the prices can be considered just a consequence of their greediness, I’m sorry to say this.

So if you ask me, the best thing you can do is to buy a great fake Goyard tote instead of spending that much money on an authentic Goyard tote. The most important things you should check about the canvas is that:

1. It has a bumpy texture, as if it were actually hand-painted. If you can’t feel the raised bumps, the bag is definitely a replica. It’s not true that all replica Goyard bags have a smooth surface because they have the pattern printed on the material! If you are buying the bag online, it’s essential to see a close-up photo of the canvas. If the seller is not willing to provide one, don’t buy it!
2. It is not extremely shiny and it doesn’t have a plastic-y look and feel as if it were made from cheap vinyl and cheap cotton.

Fake Goyard St Louis Tote Canvas

Fake Goyard St Louis Shiny Canvas

Check The Stamp!

If you really want to learn how to tell a fake Goyard, you should also check the embossed stamp. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a replica Goyard St Louis tote with a perfect stamp, even when the canvas looked great! This is mostly useful to those who are trying to authenticate their Goyard. To make it easier for you, here are two real vs fake comparison photos of the inside stamps:

Authentic Goyard Pouch Stamp

Real Goyard Pouch Stamp Detail

Replica Goyard Pouch Inside Stamp

Fake Goyard Pouch Stamp Detail

Real Goyard St Louis Logo Stamp

Authentic Goyard St Louis Tote Inside Stamp

Fake Goyard St Louis Tote Inside Logo Stamp

Fake Goyard St Louis Tote Stamp Detail

You’ll notice that for most fake Goyard bags they either don’t use the right font, the letters are too close together or they are too deeply embossed into the leather.

How To Tell A Fake Goyard – Other Signs

Real Goyard St Louis totes are known for being extremely lightweight due to the materials they are made from: resin-coated canvas for the exterior and cotton/linen fabric for the interior. So checking the weight of the bag could also make your authentication process easier. Sure, this is possible only if you already have the bag in person. If the bag is on the heavy side, then it’s probably a fake Goyard.


Authentic Goyard St Louis Tote Stitching

Authentic Goyard Stitching Detail

Authentic Goyard Black St Louis Tote Has Black Stitching

Authentic Goyard Black St Louis Tote Stitching Detail

Also very important if you want to learn how to tell a fake Goyard: black Goyard bags feature black stitching while all the other colors have white stitching. Talking about the stitching, check to see if there is a white stitch in the middle at the end of the handle tabs. Of course, if the stitching is sloppy and messy, that’s a dead giveaway.

Serial Number

Authentic Goyard Serial Number Leather Tab

Authentic Goyard St Louis Tote Serial Number

Real Goyard Serial Number For Older Models

Real Goyard St Louis Tote Serial Number – Older Model

The Goyard St Louis tote comes with a detachable pouch which is essential for this how to tell a fake Goyard guide. You should be able to find the serial number on the interior of the pouch for older St. Louis totes. For the newer styles, the serial number should be on the end of the leather strap that attaches the pouch to the bag. The numbers are small and discreetly embossed.


Authentic Goyard Snap Button with logo

Authentic Goyard Engraved Hardware Detail

The hardware is minimal on Goyard bags and wallets but every detail is important if you want to learn how to tell a fake Goyard. The logo is engraved on the snap button of the pouch and the words “Goyard” and “Paris” should be on the interior of the metallic snap button.

If you’re looking for a Goyard St Louis tote replica or a Goyard replica wallet, don’t expect it to be 100% perfect. Just think about how much money you are saving! As long as the canvas looks good, the stitching is neat and sturdy and the leather trims are actually made of real leather, the rest of the details matter only you are trying to prove someone else the bag is actually real. But all the others details are very important if you want to learn how to tell a fake Goyard in order to authenticate your bag or choose the best Goyard replica.

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