Chanel Métiers d’Art: The Art Of Accessories

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As we continue to celebrate Metiers d’Art, part 2 of this ongoing series in honouring the 9 ateliers continues with these 3 that make finished pieces most of us are more familiar with, pieces that we can slip into – gloves, hats and shoes. Each a dedicated atelier that creates exclusive pieces for Chanel as well as for their own clientele, you’re looking at over 300 years of fine craftsmanship between Causse, Maison Michel and Massaro.

Founded in 1892, Causse still produces over 25,000 pairs of gloves annually for all of Chanel’s shows, including Haute Couture and RTW collections. With over 40 employees, this speciality atelier continues to produce chic and cutting-edge gloves that are the perfect accompaniment to elevate the everyday outfit. Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel’s President of Fashion, was quoted back in 2012 when Causse joined the Paraffection (which happens to be the holding company the 9 ateliers fall under), ‘Maison Causse has rare traditional experience that we wanted to preserve. Through this acquisition, we are sustaining excellence in glove-making in France.’

Maison Michel 
A famed milliner founded in 1963, Maison Michel crafts almost everything your head would ever need, and that includes berets, bonnets, cloches, toques, turbans and even more recently, caps with cat ears. Over the years, Maison Michel has grown to be a fashion favourite and has a number of other signatures, including hats made out of stitched straw (first introduced by Maison Michel) that was all the rage in 1975. A time-consuming process that requires many hours by hand from working with the raw materials, shaping them and reshaping them before it’s finally set, they have their own stand-alone boutique near Chanel’s own rue Cambon flagship selling their iconic styles.

Another historied house founded in 1894, Massaro creates shoes that are in tune with the spirit of times blended with timeless shoe silhouettes. In its very small workshop, the craftsmen continue to make shoes by hand for both selected Haute Couture styles for Chanel, and their own customers who have their exact feet measurements crafted in wood which are kept for posterity. Continuing with its masterful creations till this day, Massaro has a made-to-measure service for both men and women that allows one to customise footwear (almost anything can be created so long as the heart desires) that will fit perfectly.

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Chanel Limited Edition Mademoiselle J12

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One of most anticipated timepieces from Chanel Horlogerie since it made its debut at #BaselWorld2017 has finally been launched, simply known as the Mademoiselle J12, featuring Coco Chanel telling time by way of her hands, of course. In tribute to the woman who started it all, the timepiece is humorous and playful, available in two colours (there’s the white on white, and the black on black), with Coco wearing her synonymous jacket, skirt, two-toned pumps and hat, before being finished with, you guessed it, pearl earrings that you could say was her uniform for most of her life.

Available in limited quantities (there are only 555 pieces per colour worldwide) because 5 was also Coco’s lucky number, it is priced at SGD10,400. Which isn’t all too bad for such a memorable piece, provided you can get it of course, because I hear the wait list is pretty long. But don’t let that stop you from heading down to Chanel’s fine jewellery boutique at Ngee Ann City (#01-04) for a look.

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Chanel #BaselWorld2017 Watch Novelties

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This just in! With #BaselWorld2017 currently ongoing in Basel, Switzerland, Chanel has released a fine selection of watch novelties for the year, and this post will pretty much cover all the ones that I think are to die for. No word yet on their exact prices or release dates, so for now you’ll just have to be content with ogling them online here.

First up, the new #MademoiselleJ12, which is THE watch that marries your love for Coco Chanel and the J12 most wondrously. Limited to just 555 pieces worldwide per colour, it features a lacquered illustration of the Gabrielle herself whose hands literally tell time, yes, they move. Available in both Black and White ceramic styles, the tentative price is set at EUR6900 for now. Which, in all honesty, makes it a pretty cool collectible that won’t exactly break the bank either, especially if you’re a lover of anything and everything Chanel.


For something more understated and something even the boys can get for themselves now, allow me to present the new variations on the Boyfriend. On the left, the sublime Boyfriend in Tweed Beige Gold set with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds. Available in Small and Medium sizes, the one I’m tempted by is the one on the right, the Boyfriend in a new size, Large. Measuring some 37 mm by 28.6 mm, it’s definitely something the more forward of men amongst you can sport on your wrist. Feel the one in Tweed here is still too flashy? There’s a large one in steel, finished with an alligator strap that’s also very handsome.


Next we’ve got the Première Camélia Skeleton, one of the pieces specially created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Première watch. Equipped with Chanel’s second in-house movement, the Calibre 2, the Camélia has been reimagined into the movement of this fine timepiece which you can already see right through. Yes, that’s nothing revolutionary but given how much thought must have gone into the movement to represent that iconic bloom makes it pretty spectacular in my books.


There are so many more pieces I’ve yet to share with you all, but let’s end off for now with another J12. Limited to just 1200 pieces and only available in White ceramic, it’s known as the J12 Graffiti, which you’ll surely get why just by looking at the watch face. Purely a graphic interpretation with all the numbers having fallen off the face (and some on the bezel), this 38 mm beauty is perfect for the woman who has a sense of humour, prefers living a life unconventional and doesn’t mind fun for fun’s sake, which in a way, is pretty much how Coco Chanel lived hers.

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Chanel Bags and 100 Celebs

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A new leather creation from the Paris in Rome Collection, the Chanel Paris in Rome Zipped Wallet is all you could ever ask for in all aspects. Its navy blue color in sheepskin & light gold metal is already something to look forward to.

This particular Chanel zipped wallet broke from the usual overall quilting effect found in other wallets since the quilt is found only in the center. And oh, the new and beautiful CC logo on top is one of our favorites as well!

Now let’s talk about its interiors and compartments. Upon opening, you will instantly notice that it features a dark blood-like red color. It has several card slots for easy storage and a coin holder in the center just to keep those little pennies in one storage.

Style code is A80969, measuring 4.1′ x 7.6′ x 0.8′ inches, priced at $950 USD, €945 euro, £800 GBP or $7900 HKD via Chanel boutiques.


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Chanel’s wallet on chain bags are selling like hot pancakes in Chanel boutiques and online stores and this Trendy CC Wallet On Chain Bag is one of the most requested. Ladies, it has never been a secret that this is latest “IT” bag from Chanel and if you still don’t own it, make sure you don’t run out of time as there’s too much competition from getting your hands on this lovely one.

Okay, so what’s the buzz about this bag? What makes it special from the rest of the WOC bags created by Chanel? Well, one thing in particular is the golden metal plate on top with Chanel’s signature on it. It’s that one distinguishing feature that sets it apart from all the others. And who doesn’t like something unique and trendy?

Did we forget to mention that it is quilted? The diamond quilting effect does justice and beauty to this wallet on chain bag, if you haven’t noticed. And oh, the interwoven chain also complemented this bag of a gem!

The Chanel Trendy CC WOC has the style code A80982, measuring 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches, priced at $2400 USD, €2250 euro or $3590 SGD via Chanel boutiques.


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