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Whoever said that your phone holder couldn’t be stylish and classy? Certainly this person doesn’t know what she is talking about or maybe she haven’t heard yet of this Classic Phone Holder Shoulder Bag from Balenciaga.

Inspired by the iconic Classic City Bag, mirroring the famous motorcycle bag design, any fashionista can recognize instantly that this is a Balenciaga creation. Notice carefully the DNA’s that has been copied, like the little bucket-like-design on the bottom corners, the top zip with long tassels and the finest leather.

Yes, more like filling two needs with one bag, this Balenciaga luxe leather creation functions as a phone holder and as a little shoulder bag as well. A contemporary essential on its own, its crinkled blue leather is created to hold your smartphone and other necessary basics for a minimalist look.

The bag features a zipped top, zipped front pocket and back slot pocket perfect for carrying your essentials. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap, which makes it easier you wear over your shoulder or around your neck.

It measures 8′ x 5.5′ x 0.5′ (H x W x D) inches and is priced €460 euro or $515 USD via MyTheresa.

So what do you think?







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The Bazar Bag is a new release from Balenciaga and is in fact a small shopping bag thus making it a perfect partner whenever you go out on a shopping spree.

Known for its famous motorcycle bags like the Classic City Bag, Balenciaga looks like its opening its doors to trying new things and such is the case with this new bag beauty. Will it be then next bag icon?

With removable and adjustable cross body strap, the Bazar bag is sure to be the one particular bag that your hands will be reaching for anytime of the day. It also features Nappa leather body, shiny palladium metal hardware, 1 zip and 1 patch pocket with Balenciaga embossed tag inside and an eye-catching embossed gold Balenciaga logo on front, this bag might as well be a match made in heaven for tough, chic women who wants simple yet modern approach when it comes to their daily go-to bags.

The Balenciaga Bazar Bag comes in two colors (and more at the boutiques): Black and Dark Green. The small sizes in single color lambskin is measured 11.3’ x 10.9’ x 5.5’ inches (W x H x D) and priced at $1265 USD or €995 euro. The small sizes in multicolor lambskin is priced at $1495 USD or €1195 euro.

The medium sizes in multicolor lambskin is measured 14.4’ x 14.4’ x 7.8’ inches (W x H x D) and priced at $1645 USD or €1295 euro via Balenciaga boutique.







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Bags From Balenciaga’s Past: Check Out 20+ Past and Present Balenciaga Bags Our Forum Members Love

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Balenciaga F/W16 Bazar Shopper

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I believed I’ve officially lost it. Like seriously flipped out, gone bonkers and lost all my marbles along the way too. Why? Because instead of being extremely incensed that this joke of a bag is being passed off as a luxury item, instead of mocking its very existence since plastic versions of it gone for less than a dollar here in Asia, instead of questioning why a revered brand like Balenciaga would even deign it fit to sit on their store shelves, funnily enough, I want it for myself. There, I said it.

Maybe I’m loving the extreme irony of it all, that such a lowly item in the natural order of bags should be remade into something as precious as lambskin leather. Or maybe I’m just sick of everything else that’s currently on the market that’s either an icon (because you can keep selling that same bag over and over again), that’s all the same (hey, let’s do another mini bag because everyone else is doing it!) or that’s a safe, editor-approved bag guaranteed to make their best-of-FW16 list for sure.


Then again, my obsession with Balenciaga’s Bazar Shopper can’t be explained at all, and I just made everything up just to justify buying the one in Medium the measures 37 cm by 37 cm (shown above) that I’m also assuming will fit comfortably over my shoulder given its generous strap drop. There’s also one in Large but no details have been released on that yet, while the Small (29 cm by 28) will come with an additional shoulder sling as well.

Finished with shiny palladium hardware and embossed with the smallest Balenciaga logo ever on the front in gold, I’m even ok with paying USD1520 for the Made in Italytote in Medium, which if I’m not wrong, is still cheaper than the one Louis Vuitton did (yes, they offered something like this too) back when Marc Jacobs was still their Creative Director.

Thankfully (or not), the Bazar Shopper isn’t available to be purchased yet, though you can pre-order it first via Balenciaga online. Which means I’ll still have time to ponder really hard regarding wanting something that doesn’t make any sense. Then again, it’s just a bag. If we all really wanted to make any sense, we would all be content with just one bag each because how many bags do we really need anyway

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A look from Balenciaga's pre-fall 2016 collection featuring a fur stole, grey top, skirt and silver bootsA look from Balenciaga’s pre-fall 2016 collection featuring a fur stole, grey skirt with pleating and silver boots

Designed by Balenciaga’s in-house team between Alexander Wang’s departure andDemna Gvasalia’s installation as the new creative director, the French label’s pre-fall 2016 collection somehow manages to have a distinctly Gvasalia feel with its oversized proportions and streetwear influences. The transitional season calls for logo emblazoned pieces ranging from sash-like stoles to jacket collars. A palette of grey, black, navy and white is brought a pop of color with neons and red. House codes like a windowpane print are paired with thigh-high boots and aviator jackets. Finishing the look, a knitted beanie (which almost looks like a swimmer’s cap) accessorizes a few looks.

A look from Balenciaga's pre-fall 2016 collection featuring a floral print dressA look from Balenciaga’s pre-fall 2016 collection featuring a floral print dress
A look from Balenciaga's pre-fall 2016 collection featuring an aviator jacket with shearling and silver thigh-high bootsA look from Balenciaga’s pre-fall 2016 collection featuring an aviator jacket with shearling and silver thigh-high boots

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Balenciaga Pre-Fall Bag Campaign

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Last week we dropped Balenciaga Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign and guess what? A new handbag. Today we are going to showcase the Pre-Fall 2015 Bag Campaign.


All right, allow me to start. Please Alexander Wang, can you tell me more about this little beautiful thing. It’s so hot, absolutely to-die-for. What you need to know; it’s tiny, it’s boxy, it’s almost shaped like the Tube Bag. It comes with a large leather strap to carry on your shoulder, but you can also wrap it up and carry it as a clutch bag. The center is embellished with a studded locker and this version is made from baby blue ostrich.


What’s more, large boxy clutch with a strap so you can slide your hand through, this bag has been presented numerous times in the Ad Campaign.


Here’s another piece to look for – exotic and beyond luxury. It’s a tote bag that comes with a shoulder strap, very pretty and extremely chic. Perfect for the special occasion or for work.

Let us know what you think.


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