Check Out Kate Upton’s Stunning Celine Crocodile Luggage Tote

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Kate Upton carries a Celine Crocodile Luggage Tote in NYC (5)

September’s already been very good to Kate Upton – she snagged the coveted Model of the Year award at the Style Awards this week, and she’s currently doing her best Marilyn Monroe impersonation on the cover of the most recent issue of Vanity Fair, which celebrates the publication’s 100th anniversary. Here she is arriving in NYC for the Style Awards, carrying a Celine Crocodile Luggage Tote. You can shop authentic, pre-owned Celine bags at Portero.

While most Celine croc bags are simply croc-embossed leather, only authentic croc skin will do for the 2013 Model of the Year! That’s right, this one is the real deal Holyfield. We can’t verify this croc Celine’s exact price, but a python version of this bag currently retails for $5,600, so an authentic croc version would very likely be several thousand above that.

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Man Bag Monday: Coach Legacy Utility Flap Commuter Bag

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Coach Legacy Utility Flap Commuter Bag Black

I’ve never thought of anything as a “commuter bag” before, but if you live in a place where much of your moving about is done by public transportation, you know one when you see one. No matter whether the bag will be carried by a man or woman, it needs to have plenty of space, multiple pockets, a full top closure and a strong, comfortable shoulder strap, at the very least. True to its name, the Coach Legacy Utility Flap Commuter Bag has all that and more.

So here’s what we’ve got in this bag: a front pocket for quick-reach items like your phone and keys, a flap-covered main compartment for larger items, multiple interior items for little bits and pieces, and both a double-handle setup for hand-carrying and a shoulder strap for…well, for your shoulder. It’s got all of a dude’s work-bag bases covered, and it does so in two multicolored neutral versions that are colorblocked without being colorblocked, in that tediously trendy way.

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Everyone’s Talking About the Chanel Diamond Bags

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Chanel Diamond Bags

Last week, one of our contributors tipped me off to some bags generating quite a bit of buzz on our Forum – the Chanel Diamond Bags, new for Fall 2013. Members in the Chanel section have traded nearly eight pages of information, photos and opinions on the bags, and we’ve got all the images and information you could want to make one of these little darlings your next acquisition.

Although the Chanel Diamond Bags (referred to as such because of the angled border around the iconic CC logo on the bags’ front panel) are making their official debut right now, the design heavily references several boxy designs from Chanel’s accessories heyday in the 1980s. The bag comes in three sizes – the Small Camera Case ($2,800), Camera Case ($4,000) and Flap Bag (price unknown at this time). The Small Camera Case is a mini crossbody style, the Camera Case is on two shorter chains and the Flap Bag can be worn both ways. The bags are lambskin inside and out, which makes for a pretty luxurious everyday bag. All three sizes comes in a variety of neutrals, including black and beige.

Below, we have both Chanel’s official images of the bag and some of our own, taken from our exclusive look at Chanel’s Fall 2013 bags.

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Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2014 Handbags are Ever-So-Slightly Scaled Down

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Victoria Beckham Spring 2014 Handbags (2)

As we all know by now, Victora Beckham’s is one of the rare celebrity fashion lines done right. Not only does Beckham’s brand make a cocktail frock with the kind of painstaking tailoring you don’t find many places, but the precision extends to the line’s excellent handbags and shoes, the latter of which are in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. I only wish that Beckham’s Spring 2014 runway bags came in more shapes.

Instead, Beckham chose mostly to stick with the duffels and clutches that have seen success for her in the past, except now they’re re-imagined on a more petite scale and in a triangular print that was mirrored in the collection’s clothes. Like many of New York’s collections, the bags were fashioned mainly out of light neutrals, with a healthy dose of black here and there. Beckham may be British, but this is New York, after all.

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Alexander Wang’s Spring 2014 Handbags are Refined, Wearable

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Alexander Wang Spring 2014 Handbags (2)

More than any other designer at his contemporary price point, Alexander Wang has a tendency to put difficult-to-carry bags on his New York Fashion Week runways. Most similar designers use their shows as a vehicle to introduce their highly profitable marquee accessories to a potentially adoring public, but Wang generally goes the way of his more-expensive brethren and saves the cash cow bags for his lookbooks. Instead, his runways feature a few handbag shapes that set the tone for what’s to come from the rest of the collection.

It’s a bit of a departure, then, that for Spring 2014, most of Wang’s runway bags look actually wearable. In particular, the softly geometric clutches look like a sure bet. (Another near-sure bet: they’ll come with crossbody straps to make them even more practical once the bags hit retail.) The oversize satchels will be a bit of a tougher sell, but in scaled-down versions (and Wang almost always releases smaller versions of oversized runway bags), they should be well-liked by Wang’s usual fans. Intriguingly, the satchels also appeared to have three-point handle attachments on their undersides, hinting that perhaps an optional backpack setup will accompany those designs at retail.

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The 12 Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 So Far

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12 best bags of NYFW

We haven’t been going crazy bombarding you with New York Fashion Week coverage for a very simple reason – we know just the right collections to share that you will undoubtably love, but for the past week we’ve been all over NYC to see the Spring 2014 shows. I’ve seen so many collections I’ve adored, and of course amazing bags. We are just over half way through New York Fashion Week, and through the first of Monday’s shows, these are the 12 best bags thus far. When it comes to the bags, geometric patterns, natural touches and black and white are looking major for Spring 2014. Which is your favorite?

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