Gucci Purses For That Classic Chicago Look

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I’m in love with that care-free and sassy Chicago look but every time I try to pull it off people look at me strange – I’ve even had guys laugh at my attempts! Can you help me out?


The Chicago look is about an attitude – it’s not about the handbags or the shoes but the whole outfit and the confidence you exude in wearing it. If you got a few smirks, it might have been because you weren’t comfortable with the look you were going with. Here are a few examples of the Chicago style for inspiration – think men’s hats, long jackets, scarves, lots of bracelets, and layers.

And here are a few Gucci purses that may fit the bill. All Gucci purses have that rustic-meets-classy feel that is just what you’re after, but the actual bag you choose has to reflect your own personal style.

Gucci Replica Handbag

Chicago Look

Are you a GG Vintage Web Boston bag gal? Why not pair it with a subtle western hat like this mini Stetson – it’s urban and savvy as a match and with the right attitude there’s nothing bumpkin about it.

Gucci Replica Handbag

Chicago Look

If you’re a sexy Positano black leather gal, check out this flowing black coat and red hat combo – it’s all about mystique.

Gucci Replica Handbag

Chicago Look

Or maybe you’re more of a woven-white leather Gucci Snaffle woman? Why not something like this outfit – a little edgy, a little school girl, a little hippy chic… it’s all about who you are and how you want to accentuate it, that’s how they roll in Chicago!
If you like one of these Gucci purses as much as I do, here is the perfect place!

Chicago Look

I say, get back on your bicycle and ride again…on a Chicago-style vintage cruiser!!!!

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The Hermes Purse For The Rest Of Us

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Where most Hermes replica handbags designers go wrong is with the leather. It’s no surprise – it’s incredibly soft, beautifully treated, unscented and above all just plain fabulous. The leather is what makes a Hermes purse a Hermes.

So, when it comes to The Jypsiere in lovely tan Hermes leather I was not at all surprised to find a whole lot of misfires among replica makers who were trying to pump out this new look before really getting under the bag’s skin so to speak, or in this case they missed the skin all together!! Not so with the replica from ever-inspiring PV. This bag is all about the leather, the seams, the shape and how the bag hangs. PV nailed it – absolutely stunning this time around!

Hermes Replica Handbag

You will notice one difference between the original and the replica from PV – the shade of the leather on the copy is darker. That is because Hermes ages their leather longer before selling a Hermes purse. While PV could have gone for next level perfection by aging theirs longer, they are fully aware, and you should be too, that the leather will lighten within the first few months of wear. This is really a minor detail because it’s simply a matter of working the bag in.

Notice the hardware and finer details. Not only have they done a wonderful job with the leather but the engravings, shape, weight and coloring of the hardware are perfect and the seams are patterned and colored just like Hermes.

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The Romance Of Tiffany Jewelry: Tiffany Somerset Heart Ring

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How can you make that special ring for that special someone even better? Make that special ring Tiffany jewelry, that’s how! I love this charming replica Tiffany heart ring that PV just released.

The intricate silver mesh backdrop is the perfect setting for such a lovely center piece – a silver heart! Have a look at the original – I can’t tell the difference between the two and that’s exactly what you want in a great replica – great materials, a sweet design, a great price, and an execution that makes it look authentic.

Tiffany Replica Ring

Tiffany Replica Ring

One of the nicest things about the Tiffany jewelry at PV is how affordable it is. For under $50 you can get yourself a beautiful slice of Tiffany, replica of course, which looks and feels real. Not bad, eh? Couple this lovely ring with one of the Gucci handbags we already featured this week and you’re at least halfway to accessory heaven!

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Greenwich Gucci Handbags Are a Supple Leather Dream

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It’s my second post of the week, and I get the sneaking suspicion already that this is going to be a Gucci handbags week. Today we have a Gucci Greenwich bag with stirrup in lovely lambskin. The first thing I love about this bag is how soft it is. Goodness, lambskin leather is absolutely divine and it is clear that PV spared no expense sourced top-quality materials on this one. The second thing I love about this bag is how simple it is – it’s luxurious, supple, and elegant without the need for excessive adornments. In other words, it’s a perfect go-to, regular rotation day-bag.

Replica Gucci Greenwich Handbag

The third thing that I really love about this bag is how it matches the original to a tee. I guess I should expect that though, coming from true experts in replica handbags. And, this bag is only going to get better with age as this leather gets better with time and use (it will gain a warm, matte look). There’ll be no mistaking these Gucci handbags fake – just mistaking them for authentic bags! Check them out right here.

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Antheia Louis Vuitton Handbags Will Be Super Hot This Fall

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One of the most common errors people make when buying replica handbags is mistaking their new oxidizing leather for being the wrong color. This is understandable, because oxidizing leather changes drastically with time. Take this lovely replica Louis Vuitton Antheia handbag in red as an example.

Replica Louis Vuitton Antheia Handbag

From the pictures you can clearly see that that authentic bag has richer, darker leather than the brand spanking new replica. This is because the original has oxidized while the replica has not.
Oxidizing leather is pricey, so I make sense that this is one of the more expensive bags at PV. But, I assure you, once you’ve seen the lovely embroidered and embossed leather details on this bag, you’ll understand that it’s worth the money. Even though these Louis Vuitton handbags are relatively new on the scene, they have a timeless quality that is undeniable. This bag is going to get super hot as the cooler autumn nights start setting in.

Replica Louis Vuitton Antheia Handbag

And, with time, these replicas will only grow richer and darker…and more authentic looking! If you need a new addition to your collection of Louis Vuitton handbags, try looking here.

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Can’t Top These Tag Heuer Monaco Replica Watches

I’ve always had a secret love for big, sexy, Swiss watches. They just ooze prestige and sex appeal. I’m so excited that now I have a job where I get to write about them along with replica handbags, jewelry, and shoes! Club Couture is totally a dream job!

Replica Tag Heuer Watch

So, today I’m looking at the Tag Heuer Monaco 24 Calibre 36 Limited Edition watch and, true to form, we have both the original and the PV replica on hand. This replica Tag Heuer watch is basically a supped-up sport watch with gorgeous orange and teal details. It’s a whole lot of fun without compromising prestige or luxury. If I met a man with this replica Tag Heuer watch on, I’d probably melt before I saw his face or heard a word from him!

Replica Tag Heuer Watch

In terms of execution, PV has done a typically incredible job here. The only disparity I can see between the original and PVs stunning replica Tag Heuer watch is a small splash of color that PV has added to the crown. There’s a red stripe on the PV crown which, although I adore it, isn’t found on the original. That said, I doubt you’ll find replica watches this well made anywhere else. Check it out here!

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