Weird Trend Alert: The Bags Have Eyes

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Wendy Nichol Eye of Horus Drawstring Bag

Some trends make sense. Navy! Chain Details! Fur and calf hair! All of those things, with their relatively heavy feel, sound right at home on a fall handbag. Or, you know, on a handbag in general. Somehow, though, handbags with eyes seem to be just as popular for the impending season. If you understand what all those words mean, but not necessarily in that order, read on below.

I’m not talking about the bags that have abstract “faces” made out of design elements like conveniently placed zippers or hardware bales. I’m talking about actual eyes, sometimes with lashes, that are intended to be the focal point of an entire handbag. If you feel something look at you this fall and just can’t place it, look down – it might be a fellow party-goer’s clutch.

Eyes are most commonly found in fashion through modern interpretations of the various global talismans, like the Egyptian Eye of Horus or charms meant to ward off the malevolent powers of the evil eye. Most famous are the hamsa charms of the Arab world, which feature an eye in the palm of a hand, but there’s nothing historical about these handbags. I’m getting a vaguely Illuminati-referencing vibe from Kenzo’s interpretation in particular, but beyond that, I have no idea how any of this happened, let alone how all these various designers, who generally have wildly varying collections, ended up on the eye motif all at the same time. Still, with this many eyes popping up on bags, it’s a bona fide trend.

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Katie Holmes Carries Louis Vuitton Around NYC

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Kate Holmes carries a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull Tote in NYC (5)

Here’s Katie Holmes cruising around solo in NYC, carrying a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull Tote. In a rare move for a celeb (or anyone), Katie seems to have opted out of getting her Neverfull monogrammed, choosing instead to go with a custom-color stripe alone. Katie has quite a nuanced designer bag collection, which you can view in its entirety in“The Many Bags of Katie Holmes”! You can customize your own Mon Monogram for $197 at Louis Vuitton.

We can’t successfully ID Katie’s other, rather ambiguous looking black leather bag, but feel free to take your best guess. Lest we forget, Katie Holmes does have a career other than paparazzi dodging – she took a break from acting immediately before and after her divorce from Tom Cruise, but she currently has four different films in the works.

Kate Holmes carries a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull Tote in NYC (1)

Kate Holmes carries a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull Tote in NYC (2)

Kate Holmes carries a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull Tote in NYC (3)

Kate Holmes carries a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram Neverfull Tote in NYC (4)

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The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Spring 2014

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The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Spring 2014

For reasons I cannot entirely explain, I find British celebrities sort of fascinating. I’m not an anglophile by any stretch of the imagination, but British pop culture seems so slavishly dedicated to such a particular group of people that it’s like there’s this parallel universe of fame out there, people who are just people in New York or LA but who attract paparazzi hordes in London. Notoriety is, of course, dependent on the cooperation of those around you. That strange sense of otherness is part of why I got a little obsessed with looking at paparazzi photos from London Fashion Week events.

It was a strange mix of British fashion celebs that we all know (Kate Moss, Stella McCartney) and British people that few Americans can probably identify on sight (Abbey Clancey, Donna Air), with a random American thrown in for good measure (Olivia Palermo?). Naturally, they were all carrying totally covetable handbags – fame may vary by continent, but designers accessories largely do not. Check out the best bags from outside the shows and after parties below!

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Gucci’s Spring 2014 Bags Have Fringe Galore

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Gucci Spring 2014 Handbags

If you don’t like fringe, it’s not time to panic quite yet. Generally, Gucci runways display a small, hyper-focused fraction of the bags that are forthcoming from the brand for any particular season’s collection, and this season, the aforementioned focus happened to include quite a bit of fringe. Long fringe. Creative director Frida Giannini has a tendency to add bohemian touches to the brand’s signature sexy, luxurious look, and that seems to be the avenue she’s decided to take with these bags.

The collection itself has numerous sportif notes, but those don’t come through on the bags, which have a much more 70s vibe to match the collection’s exquisite silk caftans. In the context of the Gucci world, the bags make sense, but I suspect fringe this long may be difficult to wear. Will you spring for one of the runway bags, or will you wait for a version without so much fringe (which is almost surely forthcoming)?

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Mindy Kaling Has Joined the Hermes Birkin Club

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Mindy Kaling carries a tan Hermes Birkin in NYC (5)

Here’s an immaculately dressed Mindy Kaling, leaving the set of the Today show yesterday morning with a classic tan Hermes Birkin on her arm. Mindy is looking amazing these days – this hair, makeup, and styling are all perfect for her. She’s been doing the press rounds to promote the second season of The Mindy Project on FOX. (Which you should absolutely watch, btw.)

I have to say, while it makes sense that Mindy would invest in a Birkin because a) she’s wildly successful and b) she loves other big designer names like Chanel, I initially felt slightly betrayed by her big Birkin splurge. Why, you ask? Because Mindy Kaling is a quirky writerly type like me, and I’ve never really felt there was room for quirky writerly types in Club Birkin. Way to make me question everything I know, Mindy.

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Want It Wednesday – September 18

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Want It Wednesday

Working is pretty great. Not only is there free coffee in the office kitchen, but we basically get to online shop all day in pursuit of the finest shiny things that the Internet has to offer. Often those things are handbags, but in the process, we also bump up against some non-handbag things that we’d really like to max out our credit cards to have. We’ve been doing our weekly Want It Wednesday roundups for a while, but now we’ve made them bigger than ever – there’s just too much stuff to lust after, this week and always. Below, I, along with Katherine and Bea, have picked our favorites for the week.

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